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A little bit on music

Woo-hoo.Hi there.Looong time i know, but no i will not fail this blog.I ‘ve decided to write a little bit about the music that i’ve been listening too lately.

Let’s see…in the past 2 weeks, i’ve listened to The Zombies’ Odyssey and Oracle,The John Prine Anthology,the Beachwood Sparks’ Once we were trees, and finally Elton John’s Madman Across The Water.Nice varied group, ain’t it?

First we turn to Sir Elton John,the gay icon.That wasn’t necessary, was it?No i’m not a homophobe, please stop.Now, before this, I’ve not heard much of his work apart from the hits(Rocket Man et al).Of course they’re good.This one here has 2 of his biggest hits in Tiny Dancer and Levon.They’re the first 2 tracks, and they’re fuckin’ tasty, Levon being the tastier IMO.Razorface(Who’zat guy?) has a cool piano riff,and elton’s trademark falsetto.BTW, he’s a really good singer, he is.

Madmen Across the Water is the real gem on this album,a real sprawling,complex,and atmospheric number with a terrific buildup to every chorus.Really creative melody too.My vote as the Classic on this album.Indian Sunset is a nice Native-American story with chieftains and warlocks set to a mystical-sounding tune.The rest are all good songs, with inventive arrangements and enough variety to keep your ears perked up till the end.Elton John had a really good melodic sense, a great voice, and a musical style incorporating really diverse elements.All of these are on ample display here.Now for the *Drumroll!!!* rating:

Rating-8 out of 10 stars.

I think this is enough for now, will conjure my next review tomorrow.Until’en, see ya!


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