I had an interesting experience I’d like to share with you all.A couple of days ago, i dined at a local dhaba-type restaurant and a five-star hotel consecutively, the same night.It was a striking juxtaposition, which evinced some astute observations from my marvelous mind.Here is the account.

I went to Mohan restaurant in Nehru Bazaar, Ajmeri Gate, to attend a birthday party.My dear friend Pawan from yonder college had invited me and about 12 other guys.The venue was selected based on it’s equidistance from all residences.I had been out all day, having gone to meet my girlfriend after college.So…she dropped me at ajmeri gate on her activa, and i entered nehru bazaar, a cute li’l market-gali in the tradition of the old city.I asked for directions at a shop and was promptly given admirably exact ones.Following these i quickly found my destination, painted letters saying ‘Mohan restaurant’.

It appeared  a through-and-through lower middle class joint with a narrow stairway leading to a 20ft by 20ft room, suffused with white light and overpopulated with tables and their occupants.”Chhiber!”-I heard someone call my name-I turned to find my friends-all 14 of them-seated around a large table aggregated from 2 smaller ones(to use a bit of database jargon.)I joined them, wished the birthday boy, complained about holding the party in a vegetarian joint, and yapped for a bit in the same jocular vein.Then the somewhat blandish(I found out later) cake(lol) was cut, a feeble “Happy Birthday to you”(or rather, “Happy Birrrday to you”) broke out amongst a few, others not really interested.And then, the order was given.Sadly, i was not consulted.So now, on to the food.

Well, what did’ya expect??Kadai paneer, aloo pyaaz, and rajma, with butter naans for company.Now, i like dhaba-bhojnalaya food (they called this a restaurant but, to be fair and without any grudge, it was more like a dhaba.), for it’s earthy, non-rich tastiness, and there wasn’t anything wrong with the food here.As we all dug in, i started observing, not merely seeing, the people around, for the purpose of this here sociological study.A Rs.12000 a month family of 3 to the side and a solitary, dark guy of about 30, a worker maybe, directly opposite.The owner of the establishment sat on a stool, supervising the 2 waiters and gloating at our money-spinning table as we ordered 1 more plate of this, one more plate of that.After picking our plates clean, we headed out to a nearby ice-cream parlour and started licking.What?

Late night(10:00 pm-that’s late for us god-fearing jaipurites, late to be out anyways;Most of the roads are really deserted by then.) M.I.Road-the ambience was good- in a way that i can’t express right now.My brother called to say that they(he and my parents) were planning to eat out, so i told him to pick me up on the way to wherever they were going.Turns out, they had decided on Hotel Rambagh Palace, a five star hotel of the Taj group, situated pretty close to where i was on Tonk Road.So i waited for them at ajmeri gate for about 10 minutes, but i started getting bored so i thought i might as well start walking to the hotel.

So…..I was walking along a deserted Tonk road, a few cars passing by now and then.Pavement dwellers, preparing to go to bed, paid a few curious glances to this tall, pony-tailed guy.(Also extremely good-looking.)I decided to wait in front of the ladies club.In time they picked me up and off we went to Rambagh.Now, it has  2 separate restaurants.I forget the names but one is for continental food and the other serves indian cuisine.My erstwhile company being safe-player types, we went into the Indian one.Nice decor but it was a bit stifling in there and I took off my jacket.

I have nothing more to say.What an extremely banal, boring topic i have chosen for this post!I am shocked!

What?This blog is a work in progress!!You want good stuff you gotta wait for it!Or better still, pay for it!!Ha!

Actually this blog is writing practice for me.Gotcha, didn’t I, suckers???


3 comments on “Contrasts…

  1. You may not believe this, but I spent a couple of years as a young teenager living in New Delhi. My parents were working there, and our family enjoyed that experience so much. Amazing country and people. And the food! The architecture! The scenery is wonderful too. We traveled a bit and I recall seeing so many famous places…I’ve always wanted to travel back and see it again. Maybe someday!


    • No kidding!!You lived here in New Delhi?What a coincidence, right?:)
      So where do you live now?
      Of course, you absolutely must come to visit India again sometime.And you have to come to Jaipur(where i live)- It’s the tourism capital of the country, with enough cultural heritage and medieval monuments you won’t get time to see it all.It’s 5 hours drive from New Delhi, so maybe you’ve already been here?

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