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Maybe you have.Maybe you haven’t.Maybe you know Brian Eno as the producer of Viva La Vida and some of U2’s recent albums.Well you should know more.He was a part of the original line-up of Roxy Music, the seminal seventies Art-Glam-Euro pop/rock band.If you’ve heard Roxy’s debut album, Eno was chiefly responsible for the innovative sound and weird electronic wizardry on it.Of course, due to the fact that there was another musical visionary in the band with his own musical aspirations, Brian Ferry, tensions had risen high enough by the time of the recording of the third album to make further work together impossible.Roxy Music was always primarily Ferry’s band, and Eno didn’t find the necessary creative space.So he left after the 2nd album For Your Pleasure, to commence what was to be an astoundingly brilliant and varied career.

What is really the icing on the cake when we are talking about this guy is this.He was a pioneer in the use of electronic instruments, a master experimentalist, adept at building atmosphere and mood.But, he had an incredible sense of melody and such sharp pop instincts as you’d find hard to believe.Now, possessing and exhibiting both these qualities in perfect harmony would be something special, you must agree.

Well, for a perfect introduction to Eno, I exhort you to go and buy Here Come the Warm Jets, released in 1974.But first, GIVE YOUR EARS AN IMMEDIATE  HIGH BY LISTENING  TO THIS SONG BY BRIAN ENO:-


POSTSCRIPT- For a comprehensive, exhaustive and well-written guide to Brian Eno’s music, visit this page:



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