The Ubiquitous Rain

Rain is ubiquitous. Isn’t it? Of course it is. This is not an excuse to use a big word.

Been raining crazily here in Jaipur. Past week has been wet, literally. It’s like Tezpur, Assam where I lived for two years when I was a child.I don’t remember that much but they say it used to rain a lot, and heavily  for 4-5 days on  a stretch, without a break. Here the rain is much lighter, a slow, steady drizzle much of the time, but there nonetheless. People are getting tired of it, and here in Rajasthan, that’s saying something. I tend to grow weary of it too, at times, but then I see that it’s not the rain I’m sick of, but the wetness. I hate wetness in the bathroom, I hate wetness on the roads, in the grass on the front lawn, on the bus seats(erghh!! ).

It’s like a bad aftertaste. Milk, for example, tastes fine to me but the aftertaste makes me nauseous. It’s the same with rain. The pitter-patter sound of a downpour is heaven to my ears, make no mistake. That’s why I dig this website – http://www.rainymood.com/. No, please, open the site in a separate tab and then return here, you’ll love it. So, as I was saying, while it’s pouring down, I’m loving it. It gives being at home an altogether new sheen. If earlier, for some reason, you’re feeling stuck at home and cursing the unavailability of the car, and you don’t feel like reading a book, you don’t wanna pick up the guitar, you’re not in the mood for gaming, you don’t wanna do anything at home; Suddenly, after it starts raining, every solitary activity seems doable, romantic even. (It’s positively alarming how the climate affects our mood; One day the Government might attempt to influence the public mood on matters of national importance by controlling the weather. Chris Carter, take note.) But then the rain stops and the sun comes out and oh, lord, how hateful. Wetness. If my dog get’s wet, he sends out that awful stench, and he has to curl up right at my feet.

So with all aspects analysed, rated and reviewed, cloudy and windy is much better than rainy. They take away the heat and don’t bring any damn wetness. Plus when it’s windy I do that thing with my hair and it’s so cool. Unfortunately, cloudy and windy is often a precursor to rainy.

So, therefore, rain is ubiquitous. QED.

Was this a diatribe?

The Rainbow Warrior

Wait a few days with bated breaths for – “By yourself, in joyous solitude, or amidst your bosom buddies, in joyous companionship – How best to enjoy the rains”.


6 comments on “The Ubiquitous Rain

  1. bhai ye “Ubiquitous” ka kya matlab hai?

  2. diatribe? No…….. Whining…… Yes…:P U can’t get everything……. but u wrote it magnificently….. hats off.

  3. nyccc composition………….

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