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The Pixies were so great

I have to say that apart from maybe the Beatles, I have not heard such an overwhelming percentage of a band’s songs filled to the brim with such brilliant musical ideas as the Pixies.It is just staggering.They are definitely among the top 10 greatest bands ever, whether from the perspective of originality of sound, musical value and inventiveness or sheer variety.

Black Francis‘ quirky high-pitched voice, Kim deal‘s beautiful, ethereal backing vocals and catchy bass lines, Joey Santiago‘s surf and punk-influenced, stark guitar work and David Lovering‘s drumming melded into a sound that meshed together so many influences it was bound to be fascinating.As Mark Prindle says, and I agree with him,”The Pixies were just further proof of my old obvious hypothesis that the finest bands are those whose influences are many. I know it’s obvious, but you wouldn’t know it by listening to all the copycat “punk” and “alternative” bandos hoggin’ up the bins these days. See, the Pixies were a pop rock band, but they sounded entirely different than every other pop rock band that came before them. Why? One can only assume that it was from a variety of musical loves that included everything from the Carpenters to Spanish mariachi to hardcore punk and then maybe across the street towards the British shoegazer mesmerizing guitar shimmer thing and ooh early ’80s new wave too, probably!”(sic)

Now, I’ll post 2 songs here, from their fourth album Bossanova.Enjoy.


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