My thoughts on Dev Anand

While watching the news today, I noticed one word that everybody who knew him seems to be using to describe Dev AnandEnergetic.I don’t know;I found that to be a bit underwhelming.And irritating.I mean, what’s so special about being energetic?The guy had other, more obvious qualities like charisma, style, magnetism, star power etc etc.And those who knew him could have mentioned his (I presume) warmth, devotion to cinema etc etc.

And what about his seeming agelessness, his perseverance in making new movies till the end and not caring about the sharp criticism directed at those movies?(Flicks like Censor and Love at Times Square are seriously bad films, but that is beside the point here.)You have to love the way he used to dress with that huge scarf/muffler around his neck and the rascal red shirts( to use a bad adjective quantifier inspired by a running TV advertisement).

On a personal note, a number of his fifties’ songs meant a lot to me as a child – I mean I used to sing them all day, or so they say – Songs like Gori zarah hasde tu, Ye Raat ye Chandni, Khoya Khoya Chand; I mean these are some of the all-time great songs in Hindi Cinema, and they were magical to me me as a child.

I suppose he wasn’t a great thespian like Dileep Kumar; Nonetheless, a cinema icon for posterity.

He was on Twitter.Gotta love his username: http://twitter.com/itsmedevanand

A perfect song for today –

Ah, what the heck, here’s another one –

Incidentally, everyone tells me that I look a bit like Dev Anand. Here’s a photo of me. You be the judge:


2 comments on “My thoughts on Dev Anand

  1. Well Done, Keep it Up….
    Really a loving work..:)

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