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My 2011 – An individualist,self-centred look at the year gone by

My first attempt at recalling the main events in my life in 2011 draws a blank.I find nothing of significance?Yeah, I’m that kind of person.Nothing is significant for long.Everything fades in importance.All enthusiasm is fleeting.I’ll never accomplish anything.Bah.

I still can’t recall anything.This is getting me worried.Why?!Is it because I’m listening to Cream at high volume(that’s subjective)?Okay, here it comes.

  1. Attended the Jaipur Literary Festival in January.Bought a great historical book.The sessions I attended weren’t particularly great but seeing so many famous people, authors and not, was a new experience.
  2. Had lots of problems with my girlfriend and finally broke up.Still feel a li’l bit guilty at times.Even then I much prefer being single at this stage in my life.
  3. Got an amp and an effects pedal for the first time in my life.That too for free, due to certain circumstances.Mind blown.Great,LOUD fun.
  4. Became active on this blog, as in wrote at least 11 posts.I’m satisfied with their quality, if not their quantity.Started a parallel blog – http://cameratrails.wordpress.com/
  5. Got 2 second prizes (that’s right, two second prizes)in an Inter-college Photography Contest, the first I’ve participated in.The result was intimated very late – Poor me had given up hope when, about 6 weeks after the contest I got a phone call informing me of my winnings.Ah, REDEMPTION.
  6. Finished 2 computer games – Icewind Dale and Limbo.Those who know me well know that gaming has been a dormant passion for me.I just haven’t felt free enough to devote time to it, for years.So 2011 was a success in this aspect.Have also finished a big chunk of Baldur’s Gate, and hope to complete it before the passing of the first tenday in the new year.
  7. Got sick four times.
  8. Saw some great movies – Favourite?The King’s Speech.I simply like Colin Firth a lot.Did anybody say Geoffrey Rush?
    Worst? Murder 2.
    Can’t resist mentioning – Before Sunrise is a marvel.So is Before Sunset.
  9. Got bitten by the American sitcom bug that has infected 90% of the English-medium background engineer populace in India.But i stayed away from the “20 episodes-in-a-day” routine – I catch ’em on TV and that’s the way i like it.Made an exception for Family Guy, which is definitely the greatest thing on TV right now.
  10. Was attacked and bitten by a dog.The attack was quite ferocious as a matter of fact, and my arm was left in bad shape.In spite of my best efforts to master myself, I now feel a certain apprehension around other people’s dogs.Let’s use a hashtag, because they’re quite cool.#scarredforlife
  11. Made some new friends and bonded with the existing ones.Male bonding is truly beautiful.And sometimes grown men cry on each other’s shoulders.When no girl is looking.
  12. Thought about life, the universe and everything.Found some answers, each gave rise to multiple new questions( This is an awfully generic and cliche-ridden passage, I know, just bear with me here, I’m in a mood.). Discovered new things about myself, some comforting, some unsettling .But maybe, just maybe, I’m a better man than I was a year back.(You can relax, the mood’s gone now.)
  13. Retail therapy came to my doorstep in the form of  http://www.flipkart.com/. Amazingly good service.Now I can’t go more than 3 weeks without ordering something – books, music cds, even a hair dryer!
  14. Cultivated the habit of saying “Bloody ……!”Best cuss word for a Victorian anglophile like me.

CONFESSION – I confess to using my Facebook timeline to check for any noteworthy events I might have overlooked.Yes, I checked it month by month, and I did find a few incidents i had forgotten.Damn you, Zuckerberg, you devil, you.

Now that we’ve looked at 2011, here’s a look ahead to 2012:



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