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Review : Lungs – Florence & the Machine

Lungs album coverThis, FATM’s debut album, released in 2009. I bought it after they had released their 2nd album Ceremonials and boy am I glad I bought this one first. Having heard both I can say for sure this one is so much better in terms of melodies as well as diversity of moods and styles.

It’s simply a brilliant debut. Their sound is fully developed and very self-assured. The album is full of luscious hooks brought to fruition by Florence’s delicious voice. And if we talk about genres it’s all over the place, and the only term vague enough to encompass everything is Art-pop.Production is excellent. Arrangements are creative and all the songs sound fully realized. I could not count any track as filler except perhaps My boy builds Coffins.

Who writes the songs? Most of them are collaborations of Florence with an assortment of other names. I should write a bit about the songs. As I said the general style is heavily arranged art-pop, but there are excursions into Gothic-rock and pop-punk. Come to think of it, a not insignificant number of tracks have Gothic leanings. All sorts of instruments – piano, guitars, violins, cello and more. And sweet, emotional melodies.

And what a great voice. Equally at ease with different styles & genres , be it a soft, introspective ditty or shouting over a veritable orchestra of backing voices and instruments. To be honest, I haven’t listened to female artists that much. I guess it’s unbelievably fuckin’ great that I placed my bets on this. Reviews I’ve read invariably mention Kate Bush, Amy Winehouse, and even Adele. Sorry, I cannot claim to have more than surface knowledge about these girls.

Now since this is a proper music review I have to find some faults with the album,  right? I’ll tell you what, I cannot. There’ s nothing wrong with this record, as there’s nothing that could be improved upon here. This is a great album. It deserves to be more well-known. Florence deserves to be appreciated the same as Adele.

Psst – My favourite track here is Between Two Lungs. What a fascinating track.


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