Eighties’ corner – Something So Strong – Crowded House

Something So Strong was the first song written by Neil Finn for Crowded House way back in 1987. Flowing  pop melodicism along with that unique 80s carnival atmosphere also found in songs such as Loveshack by the B-52’s. Predictably the video is a bit cheesy though not without it’s own pastoral, quasi-homoerotic charm. It’s a great […]

My Trysts with the Fannies

My first taste of Scottish power-pop band Teenage Fanclub was the sparkling tune of Sparky’s Dream on late night MTV, about the time when I was around 15. It was a very pretty song, but to say that I was not ambivalent about my brother’s obvious adoration for the song, along with What You do […]

Review : Bon Iver – For Emma, Forever Ago

Idyllic country. Cabin in the woods. Solitude. Joy. Solace. Sanctuary. Acoustic guitar. Harmonies. Pining for someone. Clutching at memories as they whiz by your mind’s eye. A sepia forest. A gnarled tree. Moonlight. Significant and insignificant. Mixed emotions. Aren’t they always? The time of perfect happiness is past,  perhaps. Isn’t that why childhood is special? And isn’t […]

Review : Lungs – Florence & the Machine

This, FATM’s debut album, released in 2009. I bought it after they had released their 2nd album Ceremonials and boy am I glad I bought this one first. Having heard both I can say for sure this one is so much better in terms of melodies as well as diversity of moods and styles. It’s […]

Review : Ceremonials – Florence and the Machine

7/10 stars I’ll lay down at the beginning what I like about these guys. Florence Welch has a super-powerful voice, but of course voice can’t do shit till there are good songs. I bought their first album Lungs about 6 months back and loved it for it’s strong songwriting, musical diversity and perhaps most importantly, […]

“Kinks in the Beatles”

The personalities of the Beatles and their songs, and their style (beatlesque) have been studied and discussed to the point that when you hear a song by them, you can assuredly feel the effortless genius but at times, the personality of the song, the playing or the singing or the lyrics, does not stimulate, as it is […]

Feel like a Monster, Anyone? : Book Review

I thought it’d be nice to do a book review for a change. So, here we are. It’s horror, this time – The Mammoth Book of Monsters(Constable & Robinson), an anthology of monster tales selected by well-known horror anthologist Stephen Jones. Now, I don’t claim to be an expert on the genre, but I have […]