Review : Bon Iver – For Emma, Forever Ago

Idyllic country. Cabin in the woods. Solitude. Joy. Solace. Sanctuary. Acoustic guitar. Harmonies. Pining for someone. Clutching at memories as they whiz by your mind’s eye. A sepia forest. A gnarled tree. Moonlight. Significant and insignificant. Mixed emotions. Aren’t they always? The time of perfect happiness is past,  perhaps. Isn’t that why childhood is special? And isn’t […]


How is it that I am visited by so many? And yet none take away anything? Do I give away nothing or do they flit about aimlessly? Only in the night do I get any peace, as if  they all fall in slumber accidentally, while I keep awake. I do not wish much of this […]

Jaipur Literature Festival 2012

Howdy, folks!Just one day left for the Annual Jaipur Literature Fest to start, so I’m gonna plan out my itinerary for the next 5 days here.It turns out I got free at just the right time, having given the last of my exams yesterday, so,Yay!So, here’s what I plan to attend at the Lit-Fest.I’m also […]

My 2011 – An individualist,self-centred look at the year gone by

My first attempt at recalling the main events in my life in 2011 draws a blank.I find nothing of significance?Yeah, I’m that kind of person.Nothing is significant for long.Everything fades in importance.All enthusiasm is fleeting.I’ll never accomplish anything.Bah. I still can’t recall anything.This is getting me worried.Why?!Is it because I’m listening to Cream at high […]

The Travails of Traveling – An Analysis of the thoughts that arise on the road

I have a confession to make.Traveling by road is an ordeal for me.Unsettling thoughts originate in my mind, as I gaze at the passing scenery.Especially on oft-traveled roads, where the countryside is familiar, my attention turns to myself. I don’t really know what it is about inter-city commutes that troubles me so.I suppose, while we […]


I woke up today with a feeling of incompleteness, sort of half-baked, know what I mean?I thought,” I must do something about this..ah, yes, I shall write!And I shall publish!”So that’s how I got here. I’m just going to list all the original music CDs that I have.Now, understand that this is not the only music […]


I had an interesting experience I’d like to share with you all.A couple of days ago, i dined at a local dhaba-type restaurant and a five-star hotel consecutively, the same night.It was a striking juxtaposition, which evinced some astute observations from my marvelous mind.Here is the account. I went to Mohan restaurant in Nehru Bazaar, […]