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“Kinks in the Beatles”

The personalities of the Beatles and their songs, and their style (beatlesque) have been studied and discussed to the point that when you hear a song by them, you can assuredly feel the effortless genius but at times, the personality of the song, the playing or the singing or the lyrics, does not stimulate, as it is […]

Songs that give Déjà vu

There are certain songs which have the queer quality, that when I heard them for the first time, I thought that I had heard them before, while knowing for certain that there was no way this was possible.There, I’ve defined Déjà vu for you.Note that this does not necessarily mean the feeling that I’ve heard the […]

The Pixies were so great

I have to say that apart from maybe the Beatles, I have not heard such an overwhelming percentage of a band’s songs filled to the brim with such brilliant musical ideas as the Pixies.It is just staggering.They are definitely among the top 10 greatest bands ever, whether from the perspective of originality of sound, musical […]


I woke up today with a feeling of incompleteness, sort of half-baked, know what I mean?I thought,” I must do something about this..ah, yes, I shall write!And I shall publish!”So that’s how I got here. I’m just going to list all the original music CDs that I have.Now, understand that this is not the only music […]